Building your own business is no easy task. It takes a strong work ethic, an ability to adapt, and a willingness to learn. Any entrepreneur knows first hand that a successful business is not built on just a good idea, it takes much more to see your vision through. Here are five signs that you are on a path to success:

1) Your Business Excites You

The people who start a business primarily for the money or to please the people around put themselves in a position to burn out. The concept behind any business that you pursue should excite you right from the beginning. If you have the passion behind your vision, you are more likely to see it all the way through, no matter what obstacles you face.

You will know that your business excites you when it is all you can talk about and think about. When you wake up in the morning, you are eager to get started on making your dream a reality. If you find yourself struggling to get in touch with the fun side of starting a business, sit down and write a list of reasons why you started the business to begin with. Get back in touch with what you really care about and are excited about.

2) You Have People Talking

If your idea is good enough, something that people believe in, then people will start talking about it. Check out conversations that could be taking place on social media or other online platforms. If it does not take marketing on your end to get people talking, you are doing pretty well. People are always eager to tell their friends about the “next big thing,” position yourself to be that thing.

3) You Are Willing And Able To Adapt

The world of business is fluid: it is a continuously evolving organism. Successful entrepreneurs understand this reality, knowing that they always need to be ready to adapt to change. Those who do not are denying themselves an opportunity to impress their customers and achieve greatness over the long-term. If you are capable of adapting to the changing world around you then you can be confident that you are prepared for the road ahead.

4) You Welcome Criticism

No one is capable of growing as a person if they cannot accept criticism for what it is, free advice. This is especially true for entrepreneurs. Feedback can come in many forms, often unpleasant ones, but at the end of the day, this feedback is identifying areas for improvement. If you understand this principle then you will be able to receive criticism and turn it into positive change. Develop a thick skin, brush empty opinions off your back, and absorb the criticism that provides valuable tips to improve your business and yourself.

5) You Learn For Your Mistakes

A common misconception of successful people is that they do not make mistakes. However, the truth is that successful people make a lot of mistakes, but that use them as an opportunity to learn and improve. This concept is very similar to welcoming criticism, successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are capable of using mistakes as a springboard to push forward, as opposed to a roadblock that ends their dream. Do not fear failure, instead, embrace it. What could you have done better? What obstacles could you have avoided? These are the types of thoughts that should be in your head.